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White Sand and Stone

Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit with Energy Therapy and Sound Bath Meditation


Together through Integrative Energy Therapy® and sound bath meditation, we will clear blocked energies and bring you back to your original state of wholeness.  YOU hold the power for optimal physical, mental and spiritual health.

We each hold our unique blueprint for who we are, what we need and the limitless gifts we have to offer.

Meet Heidi

I formed Sage Map with the pure intent that each of us is distinctly designed to heal our own mind, body, and spirit. We must remember that we are limitless Source Light, each holding our unique blueprint for wholeness.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind."



"I recently had my first private energy healing session with Heidi of Sage Map Energy & Wellness and absolutely loved it. As it was my first time, Heidi was amazing in talking me through what the experience would be like, and about and just completely putting me at ease. She assured me there was no "right" or "wrong" way to feel which allowed me to feel comfortable and I trust her implicitly. The space was welcoming and the session itself is really unlike anything I had experienced in the best way. I was in a meditative place yet also aware of the reactions my body was having and the emotions it arose. After the session I felt both peaceful and invigorated. I will definitely be continuing these sessions. Apart from the meditation and energy sessions, Heidi has also been an incredible guide and life coach as the past few years found me navigating a major and disruptive career change in very uncertain times. I would not have found my way through to where I am today, without her advice, guidance and coping tools/techniques." 

- Ariane Romano

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