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About Heidi

I practice Integrative Energy Therapy® and guide sound bath meditative journeys so my clients recall that as fully human and fully Divine, we possess the power for our own joy, peace, and purpose. I believe that when we turn inward and go Home, the map for all that we need and for all that we are is found. I have faith in radical love of self, of one another, and of our planet.

I was born in upstate NY and live in Hoboken, NJ. I am a mother of four miraculous children, and I have been partners with my husband for the past 28 years.


I am a trained IET® practitioner, a public relations professional, a licensed attorney and a fitness instructor. I am devoted to the empowerment of SELF — of mind, body, and spirit — and to the remembrance that we are perfect and complete, rooted in LOVE.


If I could start again, I would install an altar within me. I would place the most sacred object inside it: 


If I could start again, I would know that the only cathedral I've ever needed to find, to enter, to return to again and again, is this humble red hermitage, this mystical space that holds all the answers. I would begin again inside my heart.

And I would live this way. Speaking from it.

Mary Magdalene Revealed


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